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Our store features recordings from the strudelmedia label, as well as the entire Barking Hoop catalog. You can also find here a selection of music by some of our colleagues — music that doesn't fall into easy categories, where the worlds of jazz, classical, improvisation, avant-garde, traditional, pop and folk traditions meet.

Andy Biskin Ibid.: Act Necessary
Andy Biskin Ibid.
Act Necessary
Clarinetist-composer Andy Biskin is up to his old tricks again on Act Necessary, the debut release by his new quartet, Ibid. Mashing up everything from polkas and New Orleans jazz to funk and Tin Pan Alley, Biskin shoehorns sophisticated compositional elements into epic miniature tunes. His all-star quartet, featuring cornetist Kirk Knuffke, trombonist Brian Drye, and drummer Jeff Davis, handles each musical hairpin turn with infectious enthusiasm and deep insight into the music’s many subtleties.
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Edward Ratliff: Those Moments Before
Edward Ratliff
Those Moments Before
With Those Moments Before, Edward Ratliff unleashes a new set of cinematic small ensemble music inspired by Hong Kong movies, Johnny Hodges, an espresso-and-milk drink found in Barcelona, Henry Threadgill and more. On this latest disc, Ratliff’s accordion and horn-driven music creates an infectious swirl of influences, from nuevo tango and movie soundtracks to an Eastern European blow-out and a French Baroque funeral march. With its vivacious energy, infectious melodies, innovative rhythms, and intriguing diversity, Ratliff has created a very visual and cosmopolitan sound for the post-millennial city.
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Edward Ratliff: Barcelona in 48 Hours
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Featured CD
Edward Ratliff
"Barcelona in 48 Hours"
Sounds from North Africa and tango nuevo join in a sensuous musical journey. With Kevin Norton, Doug Wieselman, Charlie Giordano, et al.
"An intriguing tone poem that repays repeated listening" — The Guardian
  Edward Ratliff's Rhapsodalia: Wong Fei-Hong Meets Little Strudel
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Featured CD
Edward Ratliff's Rhapsodalia
"Wong Fei-Hong Meets Little Strudel"
With Michael Attias, Sam Bardfeld, John Hebert and Kevin Norton.
"A great disc." — Cadence
Andy Biskin: Early American
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Featured CD
Andy Biskin Quartet
"Early American: The Melodies of Stephen Foster"
Idiosyncratic arrangements of classic and lesser-known Stephen Foster melodies, interlaced with six Biskin originals. With Pete McCann, Chris Washburne and John Hollenbeck.
  Andy Biskin: Trio Tragico
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Featured CD
Andy Biskin with Dave Ballou and Drew Gress
"Trio Tragico"
Trio Tragico features Biskin's intricately crafted miniature tone poems that fuse the sensitivity of chamber music with the spontaneity of modern jazz.

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